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Bakshalu / Bakshyalu / Purnalu/ Puran Puri / Boli/Bobbattu/Obbattu/Ubbatti/Holige/ Vedmi / Puranachi poli. This sweet Puran (meaning “stuffed”) Poli flat bread made with lentil and Jaggery stuffing. This sweet stuffed flat bread is mostly made during festivals and sometimes to feast the guests as well. Usually for Puran poli or Bobbatlu or Poli the filling is prepared with chenna (Bengal gram) dal and Jaggery and the outer layer (dough) is prepared with refined flour. The key technique of bobbatlu is the resting time of dough that makes the bread soft and tasty. Puran Poli usually served with dollop of ghee.

Ingredients: Chana Dal, Jaggery, Refined Flour, Cardamom Powder, Ghee.

Shelf Life: 3 Days in normal condition and when refrigerated, 8 days.

Spl Instruction: When refrigerated, heat using a micro wave or heat on a Tawa on low flame by applying little ghee.

* Free from Preservatives, Artificial Colours

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